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travel india, the land offering diverse travel opportunities, ranging from travelling through the himalayas to the kanyakumari. taj mahal, khajuraho, goa and kerala backwaters are some favourite rendezvous for travelling in india. opt for cultural, heritage or an adventure travel of india and make your travel experience in india a lifelong memory.
Tourism Delhi
Tourism Delhi

Tourism Delhi
Tourism Delhi


Area: 75.50 sq. km.
Altitude: 230 metres
Climate: Mean Max. Mean Min.
Summer:  42.2 degree C 27.3 degree C
Winter: 27.5 degree C 9.5 degree C
Rainfall:  31 cms
Best Season: Oct. - March
Clothing: Summer Light Tropical , Winter Light wollen
Languages:  Rajasthani, Hindi, English

Standing as the sentinel of the country's western border, Jodhpur is famous for its magnificent forts and palaces, nestling within the depths of the Thar Desert. Once the capital of the former princely state of Marwar, it is the second largest city of Rajasthan, after Jaipur. It is the stronghold of the Rathore clan - Jodhpur, founded in 1459 AD, by Suryavanshi Rao Jodha. It the land of royalty glittering in the golden sands of barren desert landscape

Places To See

Mehrangarh Fort
Situated on a steep hill, Mehrangarh fort is one of the largest forts in India. The beauty and the grandeur of numerous palaces in the fort narrates a saga of hard sandstones yielding to the chisels of skilled Jodhpuri sculptures. Inside the fort, there is a series of courtyards and palaces.

Umaid Bhawan Palace
The only 20th century palace built under the famine relief project that gave employment to famine struck population. The palace was completed in 16 years. This opulent edifice in sandstone is still the residence of the former rulers with a part of it running as hotel and remaining part as a museum. 

Marwar Festival: The two day long colourful extravaganza celebrating the 'Maand' style of folk music brings out the romantic lifestyle of Rajasthan's rulers. Folk artistes performing under the full moon bring alive the legends and the folklore's of the area. 

Jaswant Thada
This white marble memorial to Maharaja Jaswant Singh II is a short distance from the fort, just off the fort road. The cenotaph, built in 1899, was followed by the royal crematorium and three other cenotaphs which stand nearby. There is some beautiful marble jali work and fine views from the terrace in front of the cenotaph.

Clock Tower & Sadar Market

The clock tower is a popular landmark in the old city. The vibrant Sardar Market is close to the tower, and narrow alleys lead from here to bazaars selling vegetables, spices, Indian sweets, textiles, silver and handicrafts. It is a great place to ramble around at leisure.


MandoreThis was the former capital of Marwar situated about 9 kms north of Jodhpur. The gardens of Mandore house the royal cenotaphs or 'dewals' of the Maharajas. The Hall of Heroes contains 15 figures carved out of a rock wall and the Shrine of 33 crore Gods, is painted with figures of gods, spirits and divinities. They provide the perfect venue for The Marwar Festival, held in memory of the heroes of Rajasthan

OssianThe ancient city of Ossian is 65 kms from Jodhpur, which was once an important religious centre. It is known for its Brahmanical and Jain temples. The Surya temple has fascinating images of Durga, Surya and Ganesh in the same area

Sardar Samand Lake and PalaceThe 65-km drive is very picturesque to see Rajasthani village life in all its vibrant colours. Built in natural rock, this palace, is a fine example of the decorative Art Deco style of the nineteen thirties Balsamand Palace & Maha Mandir

Maha Mandir is about 4 kms north-east of the city.It is built around a 100 - pillared Shiva temple. Balsamand is a comfortable and serene hotel. Summer palaces along the embankment and a bird sanctuary has made it a picnic spot.

How To Getting There: 
By Air: Indian Airlines flights from Delhi, Mumbai, jodhpur and Jaipur.

By Rail: Direct rail connection with many important cities of the country. Some important train connection are : Marudhar Express (Varanasi-Jodhpur): Barmer Express (Jodhpur-Barmer): Ranakpur Express (Marwar-Jodhpur): Paschim Express (New Delhi-Jodhpur-Mumbai).

By Road: Jodhpur can also reached through a dense network of road connections. Some key distances are : Delhi 597 km, jodhpur 260 km, Jaipur336 km. Shopping

Jodhpur is a veritable shopper's paradise with entire streets and localities in the walled city devoted to single commodities. The city is famous for bandhani and lahariya, block printed textiles, silver jewellery, antique furniture, wood and metal handicrafts. Carpets and durries can be found on the Umaid Bhawan Palace road. Jodhpur is home to many talented and skilled craftsmen like textile dyers, metal engravers and die-makers and probably the last of the tailors of the classic Jodhpur breeches.

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