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travel india, the land offering diverse travel opportunities, ranging from travelling through the himalayas to the kanyakumari. taj mahal, khajuraho, goa and kerala backwaters are some favourite rendezvous for travelling in india. opt for cultural, heritage or an adventure travel of india and make your travel experience in india a lifelong memory.
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Polo in India

"Let other people play at other things, the King of games is still the game of Kings"

Nowhere else do these words gain greater significance than in the Indian State of Rajasthan, the fabled land of the Kings. Nestled in the western corner of the Indian subcontinent, the desert kingdoms of Rajasthan have for centuries been the personification of valour and chivalry in India. The crenelated turrets and bastions of the innumerable forts that dot the landscape bear mute testimony to the memory of warriors and battles long forgotten.

As the embodiment of courage, sportsmanship and equestrian skill, polo has long been the traditional sport of the Indian nobility, since the medieval period. Foremost among the warrior princes who nurtured this game of kings, were the Rajputs of northern India. Renowned for their chivalry and valour, they cherished the sport as a proving ground for the horsemanship and ability of young men and soldiers. Such was their love of the sport and so strong it's allure that not only Rajput warriors but their ladies as well fell under the spell of the game. Fading miniature paintings on many an ancient manor and fortress wall, bear testimony to the widespread popularity of the sport in Rajputana, 'the fabled desert land of Kings'.

The advent of the British and the 'Pax Britannica' gave a new lease of life to polo in India. 'Rediscovered' by a British subaltern from the eastern fringes of the Indian Empire, polo began to progress rapidly both in India and in Britain in the 1870's. At the forefront of the revival were the traditional exponents of the sport - the Indian Maharajas. Armed with their hereditary equestrian skills and with the enormous resources at their disposal, the Maharajas took the polo-playing world by storm. In an exceedingly short period of time, they achieved a standard of excellence in the game that has been unrivalled ever since.

The romance of the Bengal Lancers and the pomp and pageantry of the Princely States combined to create a spectacle that became one of the legendary images of the British Empire. The legend still endures. Whereas in other parts of the world, polo has since been associated as a sport of the rich; in India, it has ever been, and always will be, the sport of Kings..

A holiday on horseback is one of the best means of sampling the flavour of India's old world hospitality and charm in original ethnic surroundings. You can try your hand at this sport of the "Rich and Famous" at surprisingly affordable prices by opting for a polo holiday with any of a growing number of aristocrat entrepreneurs.

Fitness Levels
While you need to be reasonably fit to be able to ride on horseback, polo is a sport where the horse is the one actually carrying your weight. Average fitness is all that is required to be able to enjoy the thrill and excitement of this primeval sport.

Risk/Skill Factor
While there is an element of risk in any adventure sport, all the rules in polo are geared towards ensuring the safety of players and ponies. Safety is the keyword in polo classes and the instructors ensure that you get the 'hang' of the game in a safe and secure environment. Programmes are designed to cater to all levels of skill and experience in the game. Even if you are a complete novice at polo, the package ensures that you learn all the nuances of the sort in the shortest possible time.

Where to go
Ramgarh: Continuing the ancient regal tradition in the Land of Kings, the Ramgarh Polo Complex is the only one of it's kind in India. Established by one of the leading Royal families of Rajputana, the facility is a subsidiary of the HRH Group of Hotels, run by His Highness Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar. Shriji is universally acknowledged as the person responsible for the revival of Indian Polo in the 1980's. His deep love for the sport led to the creation of this international class polo facility, which showcases the centuries old tradition of Mewar polo in a modern context.

The Ramgarh Facility provides a link with a forgotten past. It offers a unique experience to the novice and to the experienced polo player alike. Located amidst the imposing Arravali hills outside Jaipur, the facility is managed by Princess Bhargavi Mewar and Lokendra Singh Rathore who share a great passion for the game. Lokendra, a four-goal player has captained the Indian polo team for the World Cup on two occasions. The Ramgarh facility offers packages to suit your requirement and experience level. Special- incentive customized polo holidays at Jaipur can also be arranged for groups on prior booking.

Time to Visit
The polo season in north India is confined to the cooler months of the year and lasts from September to March

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